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Our Mission Statement


It is time we made a connection with our dogs, which is based upon our understanding of their needs and motivations, their senses and their remarkable abilities, rather than our wish to be in control.

Control is beyond our reach if we are unable to control ourselves both emotionally and physically. 

A dog recognises the energy we project in any interaction and if it is not calm and controlled energy, which is sensed then it will be interpreted by the dog as anything from fear to anger and in any event is regarded as unbalanced.

Dogs are so "energy sensitive" and connect or react instinctively to the energy of other pack members, so it is little wonder they experience behavioural problems when confronted by our "Unbalanced Behaviour".

If we have a problem with our dog, our first course of action should be



Our mission is to bring balance and understanding to the relationship between dogs and their carers.

"My dog is very aggressive towards other dogs"

"My dog is terrified of loud noises"

"My dog will not come back when I call him"

"My dog growls at me when I move him off the settee"


If you can identify with the dog carers who called us with these problems, or you have other issues with your dog's behaviour or just need help and advice with regard to your dogs training needs, then you are just a "click" away.

Paul Connolly is happy to help you





The natural way to communicate with your Dog.


Wolfspeak is the official website for Professional Dog Training Services UK, a service offered by Paul Connolly and his wife Sylvia, who offer dog training in Fife and around Scotland and the whole of the U.K. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive, Holistic approach to dog ownership, training and care, to assist in the rescuing and rehoming of dogs in distress, the rehabilitation of dogs with behavioural problems and providing Reiki healing for dogs.



In any interaction between you and your dog there is a two-way communication, this exchange of information is the vital component to the success or failure of the relationship between you and your dog, regardless of age or gender. All aspects of training a dog are inextricably linked to the way we communicate with our dogs, therefore it is imperative we develop an understanding of how our dogs communicate and behave.


Paul is a retired Police Dog Handler and Home Office qualified Instructor and together with his wife Sylvia they now devote their time to helping others understand and train their dogs.


Our Training page outlines the spectrum of courses available, from Puppy Classes and Obedience Classes, to Remedial work. This page describes the format of the courses and provides the necessary information to enable you to assess which courses are suitable to meet you and your dog's needs.

Training and Classes 


What is important to a dog may have little or no significance to us; something that creates anxiety in our dog may seem trivial to us; a dog may consider an action of ours to be subserviant or aggressive and it will probably go completely un-noticed by us. In effect, we could be sending out all the wrong signals, simply because we have not taken the time to learn how our four-legged friend communicates and behaves, and getting it wrong can make life very difficult for all concerned.


If your interest in this site is prompted by Behavioural Problems you may be experiencing with your dog, then our page dedicated to these issues will undoubtedly make compelling reading with information and advice as to the most appropriate strategies in dealing with your problem, as well as detailing our available services. 


Paul is a Veterinary Approved Trainer and Behaviourist and takes on many Veterinary referrals.


Our innovative Web Surgery allows for consultation via the web and brings to the comfort of your own home individually compiled distance learning packages and remedial strategies which address each client's specific needs.

One to One Consultations and Behavioural Problems



Reiki Healing for dogs often forms part of our holistic approach to problem solving and has proved to be of significant benefit in cases involving fear and anxiety as well as aiding the recovery of sick and injured dogs. Many of our clientele acknowledge the gentle therapeutic administering of this energy healing as being crucial to their pet's rehabilitation. 

Reiki Healing


The Quest for knowledge and understanding of dogs and the belief that by imparting his experiences to others, are the primary driving forces that led Paul Connolly into a lifetime of working with dogs and their handlers. His dearest wish and goal is that through patience, persistence and knowledge we can create a safer and happier environment for those who choose to share their lives with that most honest and loyal of companions, the DOG.


Through this site you will gain valuable information relating to your own personal needs and the needs of your dog. Whether you are a novice dog carer/handler or an experienced one, there is something for everyone who is interested in dogs.The following pages will explain how communicating with your dog naturally can not only create, but strengthen the bond you have with your  treasured friend. You will learn dog training techniques that you can use in your everyday training sessions. Paul will teach you the progressive steps of developing your relationship with your dog, from first bringing home a tiny puppy and the things to consider in puppy training right through to Dog nutrition considerations, adulthood and any dog behavioural problems you may have along the way.



"SAY LESS, DO MORE AND                BE CALM."

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