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Paul is a Reiki Master and Sylvia is a Level Two Reiki Healer and together they focus much of their energy in healing for dogs.


Reiki is an important facet of their Holistic approach to addressing Behavioural problems in particular and it underpins their ethos of communicating naturally with dogs. It has proved to be an invaluable and successful treatment in aiding the recovery of injuries, pain relief and more serious conditions.


To many, Reiki healing is already recognised as a sound, complementary treatment and in some cases alternative therapy, to modern medicine and drugs. It is an ancient form of "hands on" energy healing, which has been in existence for thousands of years. In essence, it is the channeling of the Universal energy that surrounds and is part of every living entity on the Planet, be it Human, Animal or Plant.

Although our interest here lies in the healing of animals, in particular dogs, I feel it necessary to give some background to this System of Healing, in order that you gain a greater understanding of the process.

REIKI is a combination of Japanese words:

REI - meaning UNIVERSAL, as in present everywhere, or all pervading. It is a Japanese word which encompasses several meanings and can be interpreted in a number of ways, from the most mundane to the highest level of spiritual consciousness.

KI - meaning the LIFE-FORCE ENERGY that flows through all living things. It has been recognised by all cultures and consequently has a vareity of names, yet all agree it is the primary source of our thoughts, emotions and Spiritual existence. All healers, regardless of their Discipline, use KI in their healing - it is the non-physical energy that can be accumulated in the body and guided by the Will.

Reiki differs from other systems of healing in that it is not taught in a conventional manner, it is passed on through an ancient process of attunement or initiation which attunes the healer's body both physical and etheric to a higher vibration and so allowing a clear channel for the energy to flow. This process is passed on through a Reiki Master and there are three levels of attunement to becoming a Master, yet only Level one is required before a novice can begin to heal.

Once the channel is open it remains so for the rest of the healer's life and the more it is used, the more potent it becomes.


Reiki can heal at all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In cases of acute injuries involving flesh, muscle and bones, Reiki can hasten the healing process considerably. In fact, because it is so effective, it is essential that any fractures are set and aligned before Reiki is used.


In instances of more chronic illness, the healing process is more protracted and may require prolonged treatment. In cases of terminal illness where there may not be enough time to reverse the course of the disease, there can be benefit in the form of some pain relief and enhancement of the quality of life, it can bring comfort and understanding, which in turn brings peace of mind and acceptance to the sufferer in the time that remains and aids the Spirit in a peaceful passage and Transition.


Firstly, those receiving Reiki normally experience a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation, often falling asleep during the session.

They may feel an unusual sensation of heat or cold in a particular area of the body that the healer touches, or a mild tingling akin to that of "pins and needles". Occasionally, they may experience a "pulling" sensation or feel something moving internally. This may or may not be accompanied by slight nausea, which normally passes quite quickly. This feeling is related to the body ridding itself of Toxins and Negative Energy.

In some cases, visualisation is experienced in the form of vivid colours, patterns and symbolic images. These are worthy of note and discussion with the healer after the session is complete, as they may give an insight into emotions and the healing process.

Following the session, it is also likely that a recipient will experience intense thirst and it is important to quench that thirst with water rather than any other beverage, as water helps to cleanse the toxins from the body, rather than add to them in the form of caffeine or alcohol.


Both the healer and recipient benefit throughout a course of treatment. It is a selfless form of healing presented in an atmosphere of unconditional love and mutual respect. The healer channels the energy through their own body to that of the recipient and in doing so, receives healing themselves.


It is a mutually beneficial experience and as such does not drain the healer.

"As you give so shall you receive" this is the essence of the Reiki experience.

However, in particularly difficult healings, a healer may experience tiredness following a session.

The Ethical Principles of REIKI are:-


Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

Just for today be grateful for every living thing

Honour and respect your parents, teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly



To this I add one of my own...

Cherish, care for and respect all animals.
(They offer us so much and expect nothing in return.)

Try to imagine a world where this credo was adopted by all, it would be a beautiful world to live in.


Healing is a very personal and individual process and I have learned over the years that although there is a formal, ritualistic side to Reiki with regard to the use of certain symbols and formatted positions for placing 'on of the hands,' it is the intent and will to heal, delivered in a comfortable and relaxed manner, which promotes the best healing.

Where I cannot speak for others, I will simply describe how I conduct a healing. My first objective is to acheive a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in a safe environment and I often play some suitable music to enhance ambience. The venue may be at the recipient's home, a dedicated surgery or on some occasions outdoors. Wherever we work, the important issue is that the recipient feels comfortable, calm and relaxed and the treatment is always offered on a basis of consent.

Now, you might ask how we obtain consent from an animal as well as their owners when we undertake Canine Reiki healing. Believe me, it is quite obvious if an animal feels unable to receive Reiki, they let you know in the most obvious way, by moving away. This may be due to a lack of trust in the healer, or in fact all strangers, or it may be the sensations it feels are too powerful. In either case, in my experience, quiet perseverance usually pays dividends, with the animal returning of it's own free will to the source of the healing, sometimes for a short while and sometimes for the remainder of the session.

Once contact and a healing rapport has been established then healing commences in earnest and I will work in one of three ways or combination of all.

The first is by "hands on" physical contact, working my way over the entire body.

The second is by working within the animal's Aura, which in some animals is very powerful and in some cases more readily accepted than a hands on approach, paying particular attention to the Major Chakra System.

Finally, through distance healing. This is an equally powerful form of healing involving meditation, visualisation and symbolism. This healing, as the name implies, requires no physical contact and can be received over great distances or simply across a room.




Each of the Chakras is an energy centre, a spinning vortex, a wheel continually exchanging energy with the "Universal Energy Field". The word "Chakra" is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel". The Chakras spin clockwise or anti-clockwise and we can test this by using a pendulum or our hands. The speed at which the Chakras spin is variable dependent upon our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Harmony for the individual is reliant upon all the Chakras maintaining their own speed and energy output.

All the major Chakras, minor Chakras, acupuncture points and reflexology points are openings for energy to flow into and out of the Aura. It is important to open the Major Chakras and increase our energy flow because the more energy we let flow, the healthier we are.

Illnesses result from an imbalance in energy or the blocking of the energy flow. This can result from trauma and injury, infections, viruses or psychological trauma such as grief. In the case of infections and disease, in many cases we become susceptible because our energy flows are already out of sync and our immune system is consequently depleted.

There is no general consensus as to the number of Chakras and layers or bodies of Aura that form part of and surround any living entity but it is generally recognised that for each Chakra there is an associated and connected layer or body of Aura.

Each body of Aura is part of the whole and yet separate and outside the whole, a strange concept I know and difficult to understand, but I believe that living in the modern world we have gradually ceased to recognise and use our Aura to it's full potential. However, it is still there and simple examples that many of us will have experienced may remind you of it's presence.

When standing in a bar, club or at a bus stop, how many of you have experienced that uncomfortable feeling when someone approaches from behind or stands too close for comfort? Or when we are walking along a street and someone walking towards us fills us with a feeling of dread or foreboding. It is my contention that our Aura, working at a higher level of sensitivity, has picked up on the potential danger and is acting like an early warning system, preparing us to act to preserve our safety (Self Preservation).

A popular model of the major Chakra System and how it relates to our wellbeing is this:-


  • The first body Aura aligned to the first Chakra or Base Chakra are associated with physical functioning and physical sensation.
  • The second Aura layer and Chakra or Sacral Chakra is associated with emotions.
  • The third layer and Chakra, the Solar Plexus, is associated with thinking.
  • The fourth layer and Heart Chakra connect to the energy of love.
  • The fifth layer and Throat Chakra is associated with the power of the spoken word, listening and taking responsibility for our words.
  • The sixth layer and Chakra, the Brow, is associated with unconditional love, the love that respects the right of every living thing to be what it is and not to judge.
  • The seventh layer and Chakra, the Crown, is associated with the higher mind and the integration of our spiritual and physical makeup.

This is just one of the many different models and is offered only as an example. Considering it and perhaps undertaking your own path of learning and development may lead you to recognise the value of opening up to your inner self and realising your ultimate goals.

It certainly worked for me.

I would suggest that, although this is a far from comprehensive dialogue on Reiki Healing, it relates accurately to my own experiences and I hope offers food for thought and leads you to a greater understanding of how Reiki can be used on both humans and animals.


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"SAY LESS, DO MORE AND                BE CALM."

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