Much of the work we do relates to behavioural problems in dogs and by their very nature, this often requires a different, more focussed and individual approach than can be successfully achieved in a class environment.


In these cases we conduct a one-to-one session at your own home, preferably with all persons present who interact with your dog on a day to day basis.

We can then make a comprehensive assessment of your dog, formulate an action plan and demonstrate how to implement it. 


This is normally in the form of a two to three hour session, backed up with telephone consultations or further home visits, depending on the severity of the problem and the needs of the client.


Although we are based in Fife, we do travel extensively throughout the U.K visiting clients and we are able to conduct consultations and develop Action plans via our Web Surgery


Please contact us for availability and pricing.



Sparky knows what 's good for him



Try not to be too heavily influenced by the bombardment of advertising that surrounds the pet world today. Remember the amount of money a company spends on advertising a product not only reflects on the price, it often has a bearing on the quality of the ingredients they put into the product.


Do some research into the food and the company; read the labels and packaging, checkout the ingredients and analysis, how much is good wholesome ingredients and how much is water (moisture) colourants, flavour enhancers, antioxidants and soya chunks.


If you are in any doubt as to the quality of the food you are feeding your dog seek advice from your Breeder, your Veterinary Practice or a qualified Trainer.



Some pointers which MAY suggest a diet change is necessary or worth considering:-


1.     Does your dog suffer from regular bouts of diarrhoea, constipation or


2.     Are your dog's stools consistent in form or do they continually vary from 

        loose to firm?

3.     Does your dog suffer from flatulence on a regular basis?

4.     Is your dog prone to allergies?

5.     Is your dog hyperactive or lethargic?

6.     Does your dog appear ravenous at feeding time, wolfing the food?

7.     Is your dog maintaining a healthy weight or is it too light or too heavy?

8.     Does your dog drink excessively?

9.     Does your dog maintain a healthy coat or does it continually moult and shed

        flakes of skin?

10.   Is your dog continually scratching, licking and chewing itself?

11.   Does your dog eat it's own excrement?

12.   Does your dog continually eat grass, to invoke vomiting?

13.   Does your dog shred the post, paper, tissues and toilet rolls? 

14.   Is your dog destructive of bedding and furniture?


Although the above are all possible indicators of a dog's dietry problem, it is not an exhaustive list and individually each one may relate to some other health or behavioural issue.


However, if you are witnessing any of the above or a combination of these indicators then a closer look at your dog's diet may reveal the solution.


If we feed a good, wholesome, balanced diet, in a quantity that is suitable to the size, activity level and nutritional needs of our dog then we reduce the likelyhood of our dog developing diet related problems which can affect the health, condition and in some cases, the behaviour of the dog.


The quandary that faces many of us, is identifying what is a balanced diet for our dog.


To address this question we must first look at the the dog's age, breed or type and lifestyle, to understand the dietry requirements necessary to ensure healthy sustinence. As you will appreciate, the needs of a puppy vary considerably to those of an active adult dog or indeed an older, less active dog approaching it's twilight years.


The same is true when we compare the requirements of more sedentary breeds such as the Pekinese against active working breeds such as Collies or Setters for instance.


Once we have established our dogs needs we step into a veritable minefield, where we have to choose which of the myriad of proprietry brands on offer is the right one for our dog, SEEK ADVICE.


As a guide I would always advise sourcing a food supplier who is knowlegeable about food and nutrition and take into account the specific needs of your dog. 


If you decide to feed a raw food diet, source your meats from reputable suppliers and ensure it is fresh.


Our food supplier is Brian Terry from the The Pet Food Store, Block 20, Dunsinane Indusrial Estate, Dundee, DD2 3QH.

We highly recommend him as a source of qualty food and Nutritional advice and information.









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