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Our work throughout the years has brought us a great deal of joy, sadness and at times, frustration and anger. The plight and pain of many dogs throughout the world suffering through neglect and cruelty is heartbreaking and yet it is in this world where we find some of the most caring, driven and dedicated people, intervening and advocating on behalf of those dogs needing help, in very hostile conditions and environments both here in the UK and abroad.  


We have over the years been priveleged to get to know and work alongside several Rescues and Charities, this has involved assisting in Remedial Training and Rehabilitation of Dogs and also Fundraising on behalf of numerous Charities and groups who work both in the UK and Abroad.



Throughout the years we are regularly running Fundraising initiatives to help various Charities and Rescue groups and we have raised thousands of pounds, thanks to the amazing support by those attending classes and their friends and families.


We offer a Support programme to German Shepherd Rescue Scotland, Animal Welfare Advocates For Bosnia and Barking Mad Dog Rescue (Romania), providing a Free block of classes to newly re-homed dogs to help with acclimatisation and socialisation.






We have supported:







A great day where we had a Kinesiologist, Tellington Touch Practitiioner, Animal Communicator and myself a Reiki Practitioner. Offering an insight into some Alternative Therapies and we raised £800.00 for the charity.

Paul Connolly of Wolfspeak has been a supporter of German Shepherd Rescue Scotland since our very early days when we started the Rescue.


He has helped in assessing the difficult dogs we have taken in and once they have been re-homed, invited the new owners to attend his training classes for an initial assessment course of ten weeks at no cost to the owner or the Rescue, no matter how difficult the German Shepherd's behaviour is in the beginning.


Many Shepherds come into our care untrained and have not been socialised. Paul helps turn these dogs around into confident, happy dogs.


Paul has held seminars on all aspects of owning a dog or rescuing a dog and held special training days for the Rescue and our Volunteers.


Paul and his wife Sylvia have helped promote the rescue and raise much needed funds by organising and hosting The Wolfspeak Charity Fundraisers Fun Days and Dog Shows. The rescue thanks you both for your valued friendship and support."


Liz Bowers
German Shepherd Rescue Scotland.








Letter Seeking Sponsors  for 2013 Wolfspeak Event


To whom it may concern,


The event mentioned above is a fundraising event to aid and benefit three dog rescue Charities:

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland (Sco.041384)

Springer Spaniel Rescue Scotland (Sco.040565)

Blind Dog Rescue UK (Charity no. 1148828)


These Charities are self-funding and are all performing sterling work in the face of a difficult financial climate, helping those dogs in the direst of needs. It is our hope to boost their funds through this event and raise awareness as to plight of these unfortunate dogs.


To raise funds for these charities the Wolfspeak Charity Committee are seeking the help of Local and National businesses in the form of either Monetary Donations, gifts for raffle prizes or assistance with equipment to be used in the staging of the Event.


It is in the light of this that we are contacting your company and asking for your support and assistance.


All Funds raised will be donated to the Charities Named, as all those involved in the event are volunteers giving of their time for free.



August 2013


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and express our gratitude for supporting and sponsoring the above event.


The event was organised with the sole purpose of raising funds for German Shepherd Rescue (Scotland), Springer Rescue (Scotland) and Blind Dog Rescue UK.


Due to the superb support we received from public and our sponsors, we managed to stage the event and run all our competitions, at minimal costs and therefore maximise our funds raised.


Our final total for funds raised was £6000,00 and this was split equally between our nominated charities to aid their efforts to rescue and care for many dogs in need, so once again we thank you for helping to make this all possible.


Due to the success of this event the  Wolfspeak Fundraising Committee, continued to  plan further events and fundraising activities to help some of the smaller Dog Charities in the future, who are all committed to helping dogs but are not in receipt of large donations.




20 December 2013 ·


We wish all our clients, friends and family a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and successful New year.

We thank you all for your support in 2013 on all fronts you have been amazing, those of you who it has been our privilege to work with on a one to one basis or in classes we thank you for your patronage and the hard work you have all put in to improve your relationship and connection with your dogs.

Those of you who joined with us on the “Wolfspeak Journey” in raising funds for the nominated Charities, whether you were on the organising team or supported our various fundraising events and especially our July Charity Fun Day we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, for without that support we would not have achieved our goal to make substantial donations to the charities concerned.

We look forward to seeing you and working with you all once again in 2014, and ask that you please support us once again and join us on the Wolfspeak Roller Coaster to raise funds for Seven Dog Rescue Charities this year.

Remember, while we are celebrating our Christmas in the warm embrace of our families there are those far less fortunate, suffering does not stop to celebrate Christmas so take a moment to send out a Loving Thought to those to whom Christmas is just another day to survive through.

Love and Light to you all.

Paul and Sylvia





I would like to thank all our sponsors and those who made the Wolfspeak Charity Fundraising Day the amazing success it turned out to be. 

The atmosphere on the day was filled with joy, understanding and compassion. I saw laughter and tears, concern and hope and above all love, in the faces and actions of all those involved in the task of raising funds and supporting the charities. 

My Wolfspeak Committee were superbly determined and focussed for over a 10 month period and together with the Volunteers on the day, they excelled themselves in producing a day to be remembered. 

We raised smiles, money and above all awareness as to the plight of dogs in need both here in Scotland, England and abroad. I could not have asked for more and I am so grateful to all those who made it possible and particular to those special people "the public" who gave their support and approval on the day by spending their hard earned cash to help those less fortunate.  

We proved once again, on our own we can achieve so little and yet together we can achieve so much. 

The list of all 7 charities who benefitted from the

Wolfspeak 2014 charity appeal.


Shar Pei Rescue and Support Scotland............... £ 475.00

Springer Rescue Scotland ................................... £1875.00

Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue ......... £ 475.00

Animal Welfare Advocates For Bosnia ............... £1875.00 

Our Friends Dog Rescue Romania ..................... £1875.00 

German Shepherd Rescue Scotland
 ................... £2125.00

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue






 Face book January 2014 

We are collecting dog beds, blankets, dog coats, dog food (unopened bags etc for transporting) , medicines and any other items to help support the charities listed below. We are also collecting any clothing, shoes or bags for recycling to help raise funds. Please get in touch if you think you can help




Published by Paul Connolly · 11 December 2016 · 

Hi "Wonderful Wolfspeakers", just wanted to keep you updated with regards to our latest Fundraising efforts. You have excelled once again in supporting us and the final total is £1050.00, following the arrival of some late donations.

Today we have made transfers and sent cheques of £350.00 to each of our chosen Charities.
German Shepherd Rescue Scotland, Springer Rescue Scotland and Barking Mad Romanian Rescue Scotland.
We thank you all from the "Bottom of our Hearts". 

It is not only the very generous support you give that has such a remarkable effect on some very special dogs, but the positive energy and thoughts that create a ripple effect of loving intent. Which enables those involved at the sharp end of Rescue Organisations, to keep going and fighting for the rights of these wonderful Sentient Beings who bring so much into our lives.

Those involved in Rescue see daily the pain, suffering and sadness endured by so many Animals and it can feel like an endless battle, yet if we keep focussing on positive intentions we can make a difference and this is why once again in 2017 we will endeavour to support Rescues and stand against cruelty wherever it manifests.

Sylvie and I and our "Angel Pack", wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we hope you have a remarkable 2017. 

Thank you to all those who have sent cards and gifts they are very much appreciated.
Classes will resume on Sunday 22nd January and I look forward to seeing class members old and new then.


Warmest wishes to you and your families and your lovely Dogs.

Paul and Sylvie


Face book Post

Liz Bowers March 2016


"Our thanks go once again to Paul and Sylvie and everyone who donated to Wolfspeak's collection for GSRS. We really appreciate it."






July 2015 

A huge Thank you to all our class members and supporters who have contributed to this fundraiser, you raised a remarkable £400.00 and Sylvia and I added a further £200.00. The Funds will go directly to help Feed and Care for dogs in the Ham Miau Shelter in Romania, while they await the Joy of finding forever homes. The £600.00 will buy 50 bags of food or pay for medicines and treatment for the dogs.


Face book post.

Hilary Anderson July 2015

This week we received £600 towards funds through the efforts of some people who train their dogs with Paul and Sylvia Connolly at Wolfspeak. ( Paul has a training venue in Fife where his classes run every weekend. The coordinated efforts of Paul, Sylvia and the Wolf Speakers made this happen through a raffle. sales and donations.

‪Paul gives his time to us in so many ways. He has visited many of our dogs to ease misunderstandings and help them settle. He has taken countless phone calls from me, when he is always both soothing and practical. And to cap it all, welcomed two of our dogs into his angel pack at home and is about to welcome a third. Thank you!



Face book post.

Hilary Anderson, December 2015


"Lesley, Michael and I had tea with Paul and Sylvie Connolly in Kilmany on Saturday night. Where to start? Paul is my Zen master. He is a canine behaviourist who just is like a walking oasis of calm for both people and dogs alike. We were able to meet their beautiful dogs, including 3 who found them through us.

We chatted through what else we can do to make our adoption process as tight as possible. We have the loveliest adopters in the world but also really need to get more big dogs out. All are just as nice as the littles but I have a fear for RBU. Paul helped us think through processes so we can make this as watertight as possible and ensure lifetime commitment on every adopters' part.
Guess what though? Just as I had been having a hairy mental as funds are dropping lower than they have been for a long time with so many vet bills and money to go out...
Sylvie handed me two envelopes...
In the first a donation from them personally for £400. Her words were lovely inside and I was like a blubbering wreck reading out loud from the card then I opened the other...
The WOLFSPEAKERS had donated £600! Ruth Bailey did a sponsored cycle ride and raised £200. Her sister Susan made pendants and Christmas cards and raised another £200 and Paul and Sylvie themselves sold dog treats and doggy things. Also people who do the classes with Paul had donated cash too. £1000. This will pay the last visit by Rudi's vets to Coca last Sunday. All dogs there are now chipped, vaccinated and neutered. 
Thank you all very, very much. 
Thank you too to the lady who pressed money into my hand in Perth when picking up her dogs - you know who you are.

AND ALL THOSE WHO DONATED DOG STUFF. What a team we are. I thank each and every one of you who made this possible. BIG, BIG LOVE"



Hilary Anderson shared a link to the group: Friends of Barking Mad Dog Rescue.

12 December 2016 · 


Those dear friends to our dogs, Paul and Sylvie Connolly, and their lovely pupils and customers have had some wonderful fundraisers which have been split between three rescues over the past few months and they have so kindly sent £350 to Barking Mad to help with the funds for the public shelter dogs treatment! What a lovely surprise. Thank you!
Paul also offers a free block of introductory socialisation classes to our adopted dogs - an all round good guy!


Hilary Anderson shared a link to the group: Friends of Barking Mad Dog Rescue.

30 November 2017 ·


That moment when your friend phones you to say they have done a raffle and have sent £100 to help the dogs...

Thank you dear Paul and Sylvia Connolly at Wolfspeak. 
Paul's classes will begin again in spring time in Cupar, Fife. Any of our dogs who are in reach are generously offered a free 8 week block of socialisation classes on a Sunday morning. How good is that.







With Donations raised to a total of. £4225.00 

Through numerous fundraisng activities. 











Sandra Jensen shared a Page to the group: The Bark Ark.

24 July 2017 ·


Everyone, the wonderful Paul Connolly of Wolfspeak just sent Bojan and I news today that Wolfspeak will run a summer-long raffle to help raise funds for the Bark Ark! This is such, such great news, and it would be great if you could go and click 'like' on the Wolfspeak Facebook page to show appreciation -

Paul and his wife Sylvia have been such amazing support in so many ways, including freely offering behavioural advice to all adopters of dogs who have been adopted with the help of AWABosnia.



Face book Post


Hi "Wolfspeakers" these are photographs of the Bark Ark Shelter at Prnjavor Bosnia. It is in the process of being constructed by Bojan Veselica who is tirelessly working to create a safe and clean environment for rescued dogs. Currently he is caring together with one permanent helper and the assistance of friends and family for over 300 dogs. Feeding, veterinary care, cleaning and Rescuing incur much expense and then add the cost of materials and construction for the Shelter and you can understand why the funds from your latest fundraisng, £300 have been sent Via Awabosnia to aid in this amazing project and why we will continue to support those people who dedicate themselves to helping dogs in need.

Below is a thank you letter from Bojan.

"Dear Paul, 

It was such exciting news to hear that you and your wonderful supporters at Wolfspeak will be dedicating your recent fundraiser to the dogs at the Bark Ark at Prnjavor. 

We so are overwhelmed at present with the amount of construction work still to be completed and at a standstill because of lack of funds. Currently our debt here is over 3000 euros, and this doesn't include food and vet care, just the construction work. We are really trying to make this a model shelter in Bosnia with proper conditions for dogs. As I am sure you know, the conditions in most if not all public shelters are worse than bad... 

The Bark Ark is home to approx. 300 dogs and there is a great need to erect more fencing panels and gates to keep them safe and divided accordingly, otherwise they get into fights and sometimes these are fatal as we don't have enough people to keep watch over them all the time..

We at the Bark Ark are truly touched that you have given us this consideration and on behalf of 300 residents we say one big thank you to all who kindly donated to your fundraiser. Really it feels like a miracle to have got this news today!

Thanking you again...Bojan."


Face book Post 2017

Bojan Veselica (Bark Ark) Prnjavor Shelter Bosnia


 "The Bark Ark were truly blessed to have received an extraordinarily generous donation from Paul Connolly and Sylvia Connolly and their fantastic group Wolfspeak!!
 A massive thank you to all the "Wolfspeakers" who participated in their recent fundraiser dedicated to the dogs at the Bark Ark raising an amazing donation of 970 GBP! Thank you Paul and Sylvia, your support and care is much appreciated as there is still so much to be completed at the Bark Ark, amongst the many there is a desperate need for a Quarantine Section to be dedicated to the puppies and to the dogs recovering from spaying and neutering etc. So after much deliberation with Bojan Veselica, it was decided that the generous donation would be best used in buying enough extra extra large crates to be placed in a section of the Shelter where this Quarantine Section is to be created. It will be the beginnings of a proper area for sick and injured dogs and for incoming puppies. Bojan is so incredibly grateful for this, as are all the admins of the Saving Prnjavor Dog group, it's been a desperately needed thing ever since the beginning. The Prnjavor Shelter is truly humbled to have received this gift of help, support and friendship. Thank you SO very much, from the bottom of our hearts!
Everyone who supports AWABosnia please visit the Wolfspeak page and 'like' it to show your appreciation for this amazing help!"


Face book Post 2017



"Dear Friends and Supporters of Wolfspeak, Sylvia and I would just like to thank you all for the huge efforts you made in helping us to Help Bojan in his tremendous task at the Bark Ark Prnjavor (Through Animal Welfare Advocates Bosnia). I know you will be as gratified as we were, to see how your fundraising is helping create a Safe Haven for so many dogs in need. Every Positive Thought, Intention and Action we direct to those dogs in need around the World, create ripples of Love and Healing which in turn become Powerful Waves of Support for those on the Frontline of the fight against Cruelty and Suffering. All Animals deserve to feel safe, warm, well fed, watered and Loved and that is our Prayer every single day. Thank you so much again to all."


Face book Post

Paul Connolly · 23 September 2017 · 


Hi Wolfspeakers, we just want to say a Huge Thank you!
With your support we have raised the following:-

On our Raffle we raised £474.00.

On sales of treats, bedding and leads, plus Kind donations we raised £185.90.

Susan and Ruth Baily amazingly through their efforts, with Murtagh's Kilt walk and their cake stall raised £315.00.

Together with a personal donation of £500.00 from Sylvia and I we have achieved a Grand total of £1,474.90.

These funds have been forwarded to Bojan Veselica at the "Bark Ark" Prnjavor, to help with the building work and the feeding of the many dogs he is currently caring for.

Thank you once again for your amazing support and help!
We could not have done this without you Wolfspeakers




BojanVeselica with some of the great many dogs he has rescued and cared for at the BARK ARK PRNJAVOR, BOSNIA. 2017




SO Many needing through the photos... so many sweet puppies needing someone to fall in love with them... these ones are at the Bark Ark. Bojan Veselica wrote: "PUPPY ALERT !!!!

Maybe you didnt notice but The Bark Ark has A LOT OF PUPPIES. It wasn't easy but I did my best to take these pictures. I do my best to take care of them. They are on a clean, dry place. They are dewormed and get puppy food. If they are sick they get treatment. Sadly, a lot of them don't survive because they are not vaccinated against diseases when they come in. So, only the strongest one survive. Once more I would like to thank Paul Connolly and his wife, as well as entire group of Wolfspeak for a wonderfull donation of 10 grid crates that help us so much in taking care of these tiny souls. Please browse through the pictures maybe you will see a puppy you like. Thank you, Bojan "

Please contact Heike Fetzer if you see one you want!

New puppy Crates At The Bark Ark

Puppies being kept safe,warm, clean and dry.





 Face book post

16 December 2017 · 

Dear Wolfspeakers, Sylvia and I would like to wish you and all your families, a very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. 

We want to thank all of our clients and class members, for your continued loyal support over the previous years, in our efforts to help as many dogs as possible, through your donations and support of our fund-raisers.

AWA Bosnia and Barking Mad Dog Rescue Scotland, have been the recipient Charitable causes your sterling efforts have helped this year. We are so grateful for your support.

We hope 2018 brings Love, Light and Peace, to you, your dogs and to those dogs and animals less fortunate. 

For those dogs in need of a warm safe place to rest their bones. 
Let us give them a home.

To those dogs who have suffered great cruelty and suffering and continue to do so.
Let us protect them and give them healing.

To those dogs fragile and weak through hunger.
Let us give them food.

To those Dogs who have been abandoned, abused and forgotten.
Let us recognise their fear and pain and give them Love.

For those dogs in need of Rescuing.
Let us please RESCUE them.

This is Kim, our latest Romanian Rescue, due to arrive very soon. A little boy looking for that warm, safe place to call Home.

Comments from Andy Biggar


"In my job as a Dog Photographer I am very priviliged to meet some of the most cared and loved for dogs you could ever imagine to meet and its amazing to see the bond they have with their owners and how much they bring to each others lives.
Then sadly on the other side I see the worst that humans can inflict on who is supposed to be their best friends.
On many occassions I can tell you I have had to turn away as when I am photographing the poor frightened and betrayed dog in front of me who's trust has been so badly abused it really does hurt and makes me so so ANGRY!!!!! that anybody could do this

This is a photograph of Tula, a most wonderful dog who has been rescued from a very uncertain fate. 
Paul and Sylvia Connolly from Wolfspeak in Fife Scotland adopted Tula from a charity in Bosnia which is just amazing. 
It has not been an easy ride for poor Tula as due to the neglect she has been through she has suffered major health issues which are now thankfully under control and is she one incredible dog!!! Happy and enjoying every minute of her new life.
 Sadly, there are so many dogs in the World that it is easy to not do anything at all, but please remember that small acorns will grow and grow and grow and finally become so strong and powerful that they can make a huge difference!!
Well Done Tula you really are amazing dog!!! and a great honour to photograph."





 January 2017


Sylvie and I became aware of Aida Pasalic one of the wonderful Advocates working so hard to help as many dogs as possible in Bosnia, when we heard the story of how she rescued our dear Angel Raza together with his siblings from the Sarajevo Public Shelter, Zunovnica, from our friend Sandra Jensen of AWA BOSNIA.


Dear Paul and Sylvie, 


This is disappointing news but I understand, it’s important that you need to find a dog that will fit into the pack. But what about one of Aida’s 7 frightened dogs that she saved from one of the horror shelters?


Carlos, Dina, Enzo, Buddy, Bono, Angel and Keanu? She saved 10 but these seven (all around 6 - 7 months old) are languishing in pensions, with no chance really to be rehabilitated until someone takes one home. Bono and Carlos are the ones most frightened of strangers.


I’ll attach a video that has Dina, Enzo, Buddy and Carlos in it (and Abby who is homed), and some photos as well. The only one I don’t seen to have photos of is Keanu


Here is the full story from Aida…


"Their story begins on the 2nd August 2016 when I met them the first time. I went to "death camp" or killing point or hell called public shelter in Sarajevo to try to find Bella, a dog I used to feed, who was taken by dogcatchers. While I was there (out of my mind seeing many dogs watching at me ) dogcatchers brought 10 babies about 1 to 2 months old in two cages and then they started to take them out of the cages with a string around their necks. Their mouths were full of blood, they were screaming, crying, peeing and pooping at the same time and I was screaming and crying with them too and fighting with dogcatchers who were laughing at me. 

They took babies from their mum or mums...

They took them on very cruel way! Little poor babies taken with string... 

There was also a mum with three babies and a mum with 4 babies and 4 adult dogs, one of them a pregnant female ... but there was no Bella.

I stood there thinking what to do, whom to rescue and I could not decide. Could not take one or two or 5 

I took them all.

I found sponsors for many of them and in meanwhile some of them are happily adopted.

But my 10, my favourite ten are so traumatized, so frightened of strangers.

They had to be moved three times from pension to pension bad conditions in the pensions. 

They were sick after first vaccine... 

I fought for them.

They are now healthy, vaccinated, spayed, around 7 months old, but still frightened by strangers...

Two girls are already lucky to go, one to foster, Carmen, and Abby went home. Both are in Slovenia.

They became relaxed in a very short time!

Abby and Carmen proved they only need love and time to become perfect pets.

Keanu is very frightened. 

Franca too. still hope she goes too. 

Angel is the most gentle and shy. He is scared with people but he likes to be cuddled.

Bono is very scared. He escaped when I wanted to move them to Zenica. We could not catch him! It was terrible...He lived around the pension for two months and than he was finally caught. So he had no chance to make contact with people. He is very beautiful. 

Carlos is shaking when strangers come to the pension, he is very relaxed with the pension owners (wife and husband) and their children. But very scared with others. Very beautiful boy. 

Dina is the smallest one. Very sweet girl. Very relaxed with the pension owners. With strangers she is vigilant but eating from the hand. 

Enzo is like his sister Dina, very relaxed with pension owners and with strangers vigilant but eating from the hand. 

Buddy. He is my favorite. why?

He was the first one I saw there. First one I touched there and told him that he will be happy one day. 

And I do hope they will be.

He is also vigilant with strangers but like Enzo and Dina he is eating from anyone's hand. 

But if you want to touch any of them they are first running away. 

Even Buddy who allowed me to touch him first time I met him after the dogcatchers destroyed their childhood.

But changing the pensions, getting vaccines,injections, going for sterilization also had very bad influence on their psyches. 

They are not aggressive, they would never attack anyone. They are very good with other dogs… we must save them all.” 



Once we had heard this amazing story Sylvie and I had no doubts about adopting "Angel" and named Him "Angel Raza"( Raza means HOPE ) and so began a lovely friendship and a continued effort to support Aida in her quest to care for and re-home his siblings.






Angel Raza Relaxing
Enzo, Angel Raza's brother in Sarajevo Pension
Face book post
Such a generous donation came for Enzo from lovely Paul and Sylvie and his brother Angel Raza 
Thank you from bottom of my heart! In my and name of my dear boy Enzo 

God bless you!
Enzo would stay safe and sound in the pension next few months 


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